Copywriter + Content Strategist

I don’t, just write copy, I help you build your business.

Attract. Persuade. Convert.

Copy for innovative B2B brands.

I won’t litter your copy or insult your intelligence with overused buzzwords or trite cliches. 

What I will do is put my 20 years of marketing experience to work for you and turn looky-loos into customers.

Hi, I’m Lori. I play with words so you don’t have to.   

Save the dull, monotonous crap for the copycats. Be different. Be bold. Hell, rock the whole damn industry boat. Dominate it with copy that will leave your customers begging for more. 

Copywriting Services

Sales and web copy for bloggers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to stop leaving clients, cash, and opportunities on the table. If you’re tired of boring overused buzzwords that read more like a cloning experiment, gone bad, then let’s get started on changing the face of your messaging today.

Consulting Services

Content strategy consulting for those looking to bring clarity and intention to their brand. Re-align your copy with a clear direction that will have you showing up and standing out. If you’re done with just throwing things at the wall and having nothing stick, then get a laser-focused content strategy with a consultation session now.

Word Studio

Not ready to outsource? Get your FREE membership to the Word Studio where you’ll have access to butt loads of info like templates, cheat sheets, planners, videos, and more. You’ll have everything you need to learn how to write copy that converts. Start making more money today. Your business deserves it.

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Is your copy as stale as three-day-old donuts? It doesn’t have to be. Sign up to get FREE writing advice from someone who’s been there, done it, and came out the other side reinventing her copy and herself.

The Blog 

How To Write Sales Copy Like An Expert

By Lori Smith    Expertly written sales copy elicits emotion from your audience. Emotional responses inspires action and getting your visitors to click on that big ole' buy button is the exact action you want them to take. So what defines good copy? There are 5...

5 Simple Copy Changes That Will Help You Get More Sales

By Lori Smith Your copy is the key to your business' growth and sustainability. When you get the words right is when the magic happens. Have you ever found yourself influenced to buy something based on the incredible sounding copy? Raise your hand if you bought the...

How To Convey Authenticity In Your Content

By Lori Smith   My fear of being the real me almost killed my freelance business dreams. Yep, I almost murdered that baby, dead. I thought nobody would like the real me. I’m not your typical character. My humor is drier than a popcorn fart, and I’m sarcastic as hell....

Top 6 Email Service Providers For Bloggers And Online Businesses

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation should you use my links to make a purchase. These funds are  the reason I can afford to buy puppy treats for my furbabies. So If you do use my links, my  furbabies would like to thank you in advance for...

How To Get Your Emails Opened To Boost Your Marketing

  By: Lori Smith   You use social media to drive traffic and build authority, but emails are the main channel for marketing your products or services. So getting  your readers to open them is super important. No matter the size of your list if you’re sending out...

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