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By: Lori Smith



It’s predicted that videos will amount to 79% of online content in

2019. Wow, that’s a lot. Video content is increasingly becoming more

integral to a business’ overall content marketing strategy.


70% of marketing professionals have reported that video converts

better than any other type of content. Why? Putting a face to your

business humanizes it. Videos are an easier way to build trust and



If you’re still not convinced, consider this, videos provide the potential

for more interaction, engagement, and social shares.

If you find that your email, social media, or traffic has plateaued, then

maybe it’s time to put a face to your brand with videos.

10 easy ways to use videos in your business now


10 Ways To Use Video In Your Business


1) Announcements – Share exciting news about your business such as

upcoming webinars, a new course or product, etc.


2) How-To Videos – Create a video to show your audience howto use a

new app, software, or how to design graphics for social sharing. You

can even share your screen, using a screen sharing app such as

Screencast-O-Matic, for creating a step by step tutorial.


3) Host a Q + A – Have your audience summit questions, and answer

them in a video. Then provide links back to relevant content on your



Or turn the tables and ask them questions about the biggest 

struggles they have in their businesses. Then offer solutions to their

problems. Your audience will be more likely to engage while at the

same time you also build authority.


4) Behind-The-Scenes Look At Your Business – Show a

behind the scenes look into your business. A day in the life kind of

thing. Another idea is to give your audience a tour of your office.

Everyone loves to see the home offices of business owners. This is a

great way, to humanize your business.


5) Film A Recap Of A Blog Post – Some people don’t have the time to

read an entire blog post. Give your audience a break and provide a

video recap of your post.


6) Introduce Yourself And Your Business – Your audience

may or may not have read your about page. Why not create a video

telling them who you are and what you do? Use videos to educate

your audience about your services and how you can help them.


7) Share Your Opinion – If you have a different take, opinion, or theory

on a popular topic, share it with your audience. This will also

encourage audience engagement.


8) Create Tips And Tricks Videos – Share you best tips, tricks, or hacks

with your audience. Sharing information that they can’t get anywhere

else on your site makes it feel exclusive.


This type of  insider information will only help further build a

relationship with your audience. It’s like you’re giving them secrets

only best friends share.


9) Weekly Chat Party – Host a webinar or live stream to discuss

different topics each week. Super easy way to create consistent video

content for your business. Connecting with your audience on a weekly

basis will foster relationships in a way that written content can’t.

Interact with your audience and make note, of what they have to say.

You can use this information as research for blog topics or your next



10) Film A Video Version Of Your Blog Post – Not everyone likes to

consume content in the same way. Give you audience options by

creating a video version of a complete blog post. You can use the

written version of your post as your script. How easy-peasy is that?


Final Thoughts

Videos can be intimidating. They can push you outside your comfort

zone, but it’s important for your business’ success to get on board

with this marketing trend.

If being in front of a camera induces heart palpitations or worse a full

on panic attack, then start small. Try short videos with Insta Stories or

an informal Facebook Live.

Practice makes perfect. Record a few run throughs to get comfortable

seeing your face on the screen. But don’t hesitate and get caught up

in fear. Pull the trigger and just do it.

Videos are playing a bigger role in online marketing. This is why they

need to become a integral part of your strategic content marketing

plan. Use the ideas above to start incorporating them in your business


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