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By: Lori Smith 



This whole month I’ve been posting about content auditing. It’s the

one task I don’t see many bloggers talk about let alone perform. Yet 

it’s, one of the most important practice’s any blogger can do to

improve their business.


A thorough content audit can improve brand clarity, traffic,

subscribers, and conversions. Yep, it can do all that and more.


Tracking analytics for traffic is only one way to measure the success of

your business. But, it’s not the only metric you should be evaluating.

Analyzing the effectiveness of your content is equally important if not

more so.


By conducting a content audit, you will gain insight into your

audience’s specific wants and needs. An audit can help you see what

adjustments are needed, in order, to create better-targeted content

which will translate into more traffic and sales.


Content auditing is not easy by any means, but with a little time and

patience, it’s something that’s doable on your own. I promise you, the

benefits far outweigh the downside.


For my last post in the content auditing series, I’m sharing some of

the best tools for conducting your, own content audit. Did, I mention

they’re either free or offer a free trial?


 content auditing tools best tools for auditing your content


Content Auditing Tools


XML Sitemap Generator


This handy tool will provide a list of all the pages on your site and

check for broken links.


Quick Sprout


Quick Sprout is a great tool for analyzing your site’s SEO. You receive

an SEO score and recommendations for improving your site. You can

also see your impact on social media. It was founded, by Neil Patel,

king of SEO and content marketing, so it’s one of the best. 


Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider


This nifty program will crawl your website and provide a report of SEO

insights necessary for a content audit.


Google Analytics


As you already know, there’s a lot of information you can extract from

Google analytics. You can see which pieces of content are driving the

most traffic.


Content Insight


This awesome tool creates a complete content inventory for you

which is one of the first steps in the content audit process. Although it

is a paid service, they do have a free trial.


SE Ranking Website Audit


This is another SEO analyzer that offers some excellent tools. You’ll get

comprehensive website audits, site ranking, competitor analysis,

backlink monitoring, and keyword suggestions. Again, this one offers

free trial, but it’s paid service, is super affordable.


Site Analyzer


You can use this tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your website

and identify any problems that, need to be fixed. 




An easy to use tool that will give you a quick comparison of your

website versus your competitor’s.




This tool provides real-time analytics of segmentation, retention, and

funnels. You get an intuitive profile of each user that visits your site.


SEO Site Checkup


This comprehensive tool will analyze your entire website with 45

checks in 6 different categories.


DIY Content Audit Spreadsheet


Last but, definitely not least is my own, content audit spreadsheet. It’s

a simple DIY spreadsheet you can use to record your findings. Click

below to get instant access.




No content audits aren’t easy. They aren’t fun either, and they take a

lot of time. But these free tools can automate at least a part of the

content audit process. This makes the job a little less daunting, and

it’s one of the best investments you can make in your business.


To sum up this series on content auditing, it comes down to working

smarter not harder. Taking the time to analyze your content on a

regular basis will help you better reach your ideal audience and

improve your marketing.


Writing in-depth high-quality articles takes time. When you can

maximize that time writing content that’s more targeted, then that’s

a win for sure.


When it comes to gaining insight into how your business is, really

doing, there’s no better way to determine this than with a content



How’s your content performing? Let me know in the comments



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