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By: Lori Smith 



I’m a firm believer in keeping a close eye on your expenses. I’m frugal to

fault. I like to keep tabs on everything I spend and make sure I spend 

wisely. My accountant makes sure of it too.


I’m all for investing in your business, but not at the cost of spending more

than necessary. There’s a line between wanting the latest tool (aka –

shiny object) and actually needing it, and it’s not even a fine line.


Knowing what tools to invest in to help run your business and get results 

is crucial to your bottom line in more ways than one.


There’re some tools that are super awesome. But it’s important to 

choose the right tool for the stage you’re at with your blog or business at 

this time. This is especially, true foremail service providers.


Investing in an email service with all the bells and whistles is fine if you, 

need it all those features right now. 


Read on as I give you the lowdown on the top 6 email service providers 

for bloggers and online businesses.

top email service providers best email service providers


E-Mail Service Provider Comparison




MailChimp is a widely used email service provider among bloggers, but 

not the best in my opinion. This was my previous email service, and I 

found that MailChimp has some deliverability problems, along 

with its design features are a little limiting. 


With their free plan, you can have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 

emails per month. The paid plans begin at $10 monthly for unlimited

subscribers and emails. All their plans, both free and paid include landing

pages, unlimited emails, automation, and targeting with segmentation.


MailChimp gets the job done, but it’s not the most user-friendly, and the 

free plan is somewhat restrictive on the amount of emails you can send  





This is the email service I use and recommend. It’s very intuitive, and

again one of the more popular providers.


The free plan allows up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited emails per

month This works great if you have email sequences you send out which

can add up to a lot of emails, quickly. They also have paid Small Business 

Plans starting at $10 monthly. Can’t beat the price on this provider. 


The best part of MailerLite is even with the free plan, they not only offer 

forms, they also have landing pages available, segmentation, and

automation. Love this. 




This is another popular email service provider in the blogging 

community. It does have a lot of bells and whistles if you need them. 

Plans include unlimited forms, drip for courses, landing pages,  

automation. and more. 


ConvertKit’s plans start at $29 monthly for up to 1,000 subscribers and go 

up to $79 monthly for 5,000 subscribers. Larger plans require a quote. 


I have to say those fancy features are enticing, but it is a bit pricey so be

sure you even need all the features it offers. . 


Get Response


The only complaint with Get Response is design issues. You will need to 

know HTML to do any real design with it.


This email service only offers paid plans starting at $15 monthly up to 

1,000 subscribers. Their plans include landing pages and basic 



Get Response is reasonably priced, and great for those who prefer to use 

HTML to design their emails. 




This email service is not one you hear about all that often. The only  

complaint is the price.


AWeber offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, pricing begins at 

$19 a month for up to 500 subscribers. Their plans go up to 25,000 

subscribers for $149 monthly. Anything beyond this requires a quote.


All plans include unlimited emails, automation, and segmentation. In my 

opinion this is a little pricey as well. There are better options for your



Constant Contact


This is one of the best email services if you host events. It has the 

capability to manage event registrations.


The main downside to this provider is the email creation tools are

not the easiest to use.


They offer a 60-day free trial. After your trial ends, you have two

options Email and Email Plus. It’s important to note that E-Mail Plus is

the only one that includes automation.


The Email plans start at $20 monthly for up to 500 subscribers. While

Email Plus starts at $45 monthly for up to 500 subscribers. This is a little 

expensive, especially if you have a large subscriber list. 


Final Thoughts


Email marketing is the single best way to reach your potential clients. 

But the only way to send marketing emails is by using an email service 



Knowing what services, software or apps are right for you means being

real about where you’re at in your business, and what your goals are at

this moment. 


Everyone wants the best of everything for their business, but that doesn’t

mean you have to break the bank or eat away at your profits to get it.

The comparisons above will help you determine the right email service

that fits your needs and your wallet. 

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