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By: Lori Smith 



If there’s one thing you must learn as a blogger, it’s that content is the

backbone of your brand. It’s the best way to convey your message to

your audience and set you apart from others in your niche.


But, what kind of content should you be creating to build a solid

foundation for your business? The answer is evergreen content. For

those that aren’t familiar with this term, it’s content that continues to

be fresh and relevant year after year.


Evergreen content is the glue that holds everything together. Your

message your mission your goals are all included in these types of

articles. It’s what you use to deliver your message to your audience in

a way that they become your true fans.


Take this post your reading now, it will become part of my own

evergreen content. My niche is content creation and strategy. So this

topic fits perfectly within my evergreen content strategy.


Its relevance will never become outdated, so I can continue to use it

to promote my message for a long time to come.


creating evergreen content foundational content


Why Is Evergreen Content Important


Foundational content (another way to describe evergreen

content) is what you should be building your business on. It’s super

beneficial to growing your blog.


It’s the type of content that offers long-term value to your audience so

it can drive traffic, subscribers, and conversions for many years. Since

you can use it over and over, it cuts down on the amount of content

you need to produce, while still attracting readers.


Think of it as your fabulous personality that’s always on display, shows

people exactly what you have to offer, and makes them want to be

your best friend for life. That’s what evergreen content can do for your



It’s a good investment of your time, sets you apart as an expert, and

will improve your search rankings, and that’s what builds businesses.

So you need to start implementing evergreen content in your

business today.


Before we get into how to do that, let’s take a look at its common



Common Traits Of Evergreen Content


There are 3, common traits for this type of content. You’ll need to keep

these in mind in order, to create posts that will continue to work long-



1) Make It Sustainable – The best evergreen content retains its

relevance, and is as useful 3 yrs from now as it is today. Create content

that speaks to the problems of business owners today, tomorrow, and



Even though it might need a little updating from time to time, try to

create content that doesn’t require much maintenance. It will save

you loads of time. Think content that will stand the test of time.


2) Keep Your Topic Narrow – You need to have a sharp focus to ensure

your content meets a very specific need for your ideal audience.


The majority of your audience aren’t experts, so target your content to

beginners because that’s the level of people who will be searching for

your topic. There’s also more beginners out there, and you want your

content to appeal to the largest amount of potential readers.


3) Write In-Depth Posts – Give your content some depth. This is not

the time for 500-word posts. That won’t cut it. Evergreen content

should be comprehensive and be between 1,500 to 2,000 plus words,

in length.


Content that’s in-depth can provide more value because it gives you

the ability to explore a topic in detail. And that is what you want your

content to do. You want to address your ideal audience’s problem,

speak to their pain point, and offer a fully mapped out solution.


Besides Google’s algorithm favors longer posts so lengthy content is

just a good blogging strategy, and it’s especially important for

evergreen content.

Types Of Evergreen Posts

Evergreen content attracts those that are truly interested in your

information. These are the visitors that will be more likely to check out

your other content. Here are a few types of evergreen content to

consider creating.


  • Downloadable assets

  • Resource list or checklist

  • How to posts

  • Tutorials

  • Product reviews

  • Step-by-step process

  • Questions and answer post

  • Timeless fundamentals for success

  • New methods or strategies

Things To Consider For Evergreen Content


1) Sustainable vs. timeless. There’re 2 types of evergreen content.

Either of these works equally well.                      


                    a) Content that will remain pertinent no

                        matter any cultural changes or how much time


                   b) Content that loses some relevance, but can

                        be easily updated to reflect changes in trends or



2) Social is transient. It’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing

landscape of social media, but it’s still the best platform for sharing

evergreen content. It can be shared more often so make sure you have

a solid content marketing strategy.


3) Let your content stand out. Most bloggers already have evergreen

content without even realizing it. The problem is, it can get buried 

under all those new posts that, are constantly being added.


When you perform your regular audits, and I hope you are, you can

pull out your evergreen content and update it with new information,

then republish.


4) Create evergreen content in different forms. It doesn’t, always

have to be written posts. You could create infographics, videos or a



Don’t let it just lay there on your website. Pick it up and dust it off –

create something new with it.


5) Promote the hell out of your evergreen content. Don’t make the

mistake of promoting it only when it first goes live. Continue to 

include it in your promotion schedule to get the most out of it.


6) Link link, then link some more. Use as many internal links as

possible. When your readers like what they see, linking to other

relevant posts, is the easiest way for them to connect with your other



7) Keep track of your analytics. You’ll want to track your top

performing evergreen posts that continue to drive traffic. Review

them to make sure they are well optimized.


8) Keep it fresh. Update it often (every 6 months is recommended) 

with more topic related keywords or new information.


If you have posts that are on the exact same topic, consider

combining them to create more value.


To increase subscribers improve your content upgrades. Keeping it

fresh is the best way to get long-term results.


Evergreen content no doubt is one of the best ways to share your

message with your audience. You just have to write it. Here’re a few

tips on how to do that.


Tips For Creating Evergreen Content


– Evergreen content is about your brand. You’ll want to align this

content to your mission. Ask yourself, what do I want to be known for?

What message do I want to send to my audience?


– Make it emotional. Your content needs to make your audience feel

something. Speak to their problem and offer a solution that will have

them appreciating your help, while being entertaining at the same



– Skip using dates. Dates are only important if it’s a news piece or a

current event. Adding dates to your articles will render them old in a

short amount of time. The pace at which web content moves – a post

can become outdated within a couple of days.


– Include a contextual call to action. Create a free high-value content

upgrade that’s easy to consume, and customize it to the content your

audience is reading.


People guard their emails nowadays within an inch of their lives.

Everyone’s inbox is full of unwanted garbage. To get your readers to

click subscribe, you have to give them something of real value in



– Avoid using difficult to understand technical language.

Remember, the majority, if not all, of your audience, are beginners so

keep it simple. Use terms that are easy to understand. A 6th-grade,

reading level is recommended.


– For topics that are broad, consider creating a series. If your subject

 includes, a wide range of information, then break it down into a

series of posts on each area of notable interest.


Don’t attempt to write a post on a topic so large that it ends up being

4,000 words or more. No one is going to read that to the end. Most

online business owners are one man shows. They don’t have time to

consume an article of that length. Keep it within the 1,500 to 2,000-

word range.




Evergreen content helps you to write less but will continue to drive

traffic, grow your email list, and get conversions. Isn’t that what we all

want for our business?


There are blogs that fail every day. Business owners that give up after

only a few months. Sad but true and it’s all because their foundations

crumbled. They didn’t have the right evergreen content to build on.


Here’s the thing, though, nobody has to fail. With a little thought,

planning, and execution, you can start laying the content building

blocks to a successful business. All by creating the right foundational



When you can create something in your business that continues to

work for you time and time again, and you only have to create it once,

then why not start creating it now?

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