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By: Lori Smith 


With coffee in hand, you sit down at your computer to write. Twenty

minutes later you’re still staring at a blank screen. Another fifteen

minutes go by, and all you’ve managed to type is your byline. Has

writer’s block ever happened to you?

When you’re a business owner, your brain is constantly on overload.

There’re a million things to do, but you only have so much time during

the day to get it all done. When you finally do have the time to write, 

your mind goes blank.

Forcing yourself to write is not going to make the words magically 

appear on your screen. If anything, you’ll end up staring straight

ahead with a glazed look in your eyes asking yourself if it’s all worth it.

How many times have you wanted to give up?


When the going gets rough is just about the time when that evil

monster called self-doubt starts lurking over your shoulders. It fills 

your mind with negative thoughts that makes it hard to focus on your



Writer’s block doesn’t have to be a dead end. Think of it more as just a

bump in the road. Something that you have to find a way to get over.

how to kick writer's block in the butt





Lack of inspiration


Has the well run dry of ideas? Did you think writing would be easy?

You’re not looking hard enough for inspiration.


Lack of motivation


Have you ever made up excuses for not writing? If you have, then

you’re just condoning laziness.


Your passion has waned


In the beginning, you could hardly contain the excitement you had for

your business. Lately, it’s just not there. Passion is not always a raging



You’re burned out


Are you overworked? Have you figured out yet that maintaining your

business is just as hard as setting it up? If you’re burning the candle at

both ends, at some point it will burn out.


Too distracted


Do you answer your cell phone during the day every time it rings? Are

you running errands for everyone else all the time? Ever heard of



Analysis paralysis


Are you the type that over analyzes everything? Have you ever been

paralyzed by fear, unable to take action? Don’t make things more





When writing, do you agonize over every paragraph, sentence, and

word? Does it rob you of progress? Listen up all you Type A’s out there,

let go of it. Nothing is 100% perfect.


When you let any of these mental blocks affect your ability to write,

you’re giving them power they don’t deserve. Don’t end up allowing

them to become excuses to justify your self-doubt.


Some of the greatest authors have experienced writer’s block

themselves from time to time. If they can find ways to break through

it, so can you.


So what do you do when your brain is locked up, and the words are 

trapped? Start by changing your mindset about what is causing it,

then find a solution.




Write using a different tool


Use Google Docs instead of your websites blog editor. Sometimes

using a different platform alone will make it easier to write.


Write at a different time


If you write during the day, try writing at night. Mix up your writing

schedule to see what works best for you.


Write in a different place


Do you write indoors? Move outside for a fresh perspective. A change

of view can give you a new outlook.


Write using a pen and paper


Take it offline by logging out of technology. Try writing the old fashion





Write everything down that comes to mind. Don’t worry about it

making sense. Just write.


Reread your other articles


You already have content you’ve written. Go back and reread it for



Listen to music


Music can lull you into a hyper-focused state. Turn on your favorite

music to block out any distractions.


Brain dumping


Brain dumping is like freewriting, but more structured. Write down

your topic, then write everything you can think of related to it.




Reducing stress will free your creativity. Take a break and meditate for

twenty minutes. Clearing your mind will calm you, and get rid of toxic



Have a conversation with yourself about the topic you’re writing


Talking about your topic will help you find ways to describe it. Hearing

it out loud will aid you in developing your ideas and putting them into





Progress has to happen to move your business forward. Writer’s

block can stall that momentum. Kick it in the butt by finding a

solution to overcome it. You need to focus on writing quality content 

that will build your authority. Engaging articles will help develop your

audience and turn your readers into customers.


Consistency is key for driving traffic to your website. If you’re not

publishing content on a regular schedule, your audience will grow

bored. Don’t let that happen just because you couldn’t get a new post

written this week. Your readers will end up abandoning your site for

another. Instead of rave reviews, you’ll be hearing nothing but crickets.

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