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By: Lori Smith 



I see a lot of confusion when it comes to the difference between

content strategy and editorial strategy. Although there’re a couple of

similarities, they are both different at the same time.


The definition of content strategy is – The planning for the creation

and publication of all useful content that supports the overall goals of

the business.


The definition of editorial strategy is – A strategy that defines your

specific target audience and identifies the right content/topics to best

serve your business, your ideal clients, and produces results for a

specific goal.


Whew, it’s no wonder so many get confused. Let me put it in simpler

terms for you. Content strategy is the creation of the copy on your site,

your sales/landing pages, etc., which are in alignment with your

business goals.


While editorial strategy relates to content such as your blog posts,

newsletters, videos, or social media posts, that’s directed at your

target audience to produce the result you want for a specific goal 

such as, build your email list, get people to buy your product, or

increase affiliate sales.


So, now that you have a clear on what an editorial strategy is, you

need to know how to set up an effective plan. I’ve designed an

Editorial Strategy Planner just for you. You can get free access below.

how to set up an editorial strategy that will get results


What You Need To Consider First


What are your business goals? – Say your goals are to build your email

list with a super useful incredible opt-in freebie. Maybe you have

loftier goals, like a must-have course you want to promote (in a non-

salesy way I’m sure). 


Review your plans for your business to see what goals you

want to achieve either quarterly or for the year. Keep them in mind

when setting up your editorial schedule.


What amount of content will you need to get results? – You need to

have at least an estimate of the amount of content you need to 

achieve a specific goal. This will differ depending on the goal you’re



You might not need to devote as many posts to promoting an opt-in

freebie as you would promoting and launching a course. 


Do the necessary research to determine the number of posts you

need to publish to get the results you want.


What does your target audience need? – You can find out what your

audience needs by listening to them. Read their comments on your

posts, in Facebook groups or on social media. Pay attention to what

they’re struggling with, where they need help.


If you still have trouble understanding what your readers need, ask

them directly. Knowing what topics they care about, will help you

target your content to meet their needs.




Setting Up Your Editorial Strategy

Now that you know what to consider for a results driven editorial

strategy, how do you go about setting it up?

Well, that depends on your goals. What you schedule and when is

determined by the plans you have laid out for your business.

The key is to schedule the right content at the right time. You want,

what you publish to coincide with your plans. Your audience needs to

be consuming the right content that aligns with your goal at that 

time. Content that engages your audience, and conveys the message

they want to read will inspire action.

So, that bring’s us to getting down to the business of writing it all out. 

You have your notes. You have your plans. All that’s left to do is put

together your awesome, take my business where I want to go editorial

content strategy.

For some, it might be easier to schedule for 1 quarter at a time, and

that’s more than okay. Others may want to stay ahead of the game, by

scheduling everything for the entire year. The most important thing is

to be intentional in your scheduling. The content you publish should

be in alignment with each of your goals within the right time frame.

Your editorial strategy planner doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to

work for you. As in, you have to actually use it. If you don’t what’s the


In Conclusion

To sum it all up, you need an editorial strategy that plans for results-

driven content. Otherwise, you’ll end up writing random content that

will get you nowhere.

You’ve got plans, dreams, and hopes for your business. Don’t let them

slip away because you failed to devise a solid editorial strategy.

If your not sure where to start with mapping out your plan, I’ve got

you covered. You can get free access to my Editorial Strategy Planner


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