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By: Lori Smith 



Let’s, just go ahead and admit it, we tend to hold on to tradition and

can be a little too sentimental when it comes to our content. But, 

what if bad content is hurting your business? Would you still feel the

same way about that post you wrote on why your cat is the cutest?


Deleting content is never easy in any situation. Deleting content on your

blog can be, absolutely panic-inducing. But, what if I told you that it

could improve your business, your traffic, and your search engine



Would you do it?


The content creation game has evolved with every new algorithm

change. It wasn’t that long ago that you could get away with writing

several posts daily of just a few hundred words. But, this quantity over

quality, keyword stuffing practice of yesterday doesn’t work today.


Times have changed, and the focus is now on quality articles that

offer real value. Search engines can and will penalize sites that don’t

follow theses new content rules. So, it benefits you to play the game

and play it correctly.


Most bloggers have caught on, and are now producing longer higher-

quality posts. But, you can’t forget about all that crappy under-

performing content because Google doesn’t forget about it.


If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, then chances are

you’ve amassed a lot of content. You probably have some of those

short posts that are of no value to your audience or you.


When was the last time you did an audit of your content? If the

answer is never, you might want to conduct an audit and analyze your

content for performance.


deleting bad content deleting underperforming content


How To Let Go of Bad Content That’s Not Working 


Deleting content on your site is not something you should consider

lightly. You first need to identify what posts are obsolete or not

performing well. There’re several ways to do this.



Note: Both Panquin SEO Tool and the method described in the

Koozai article will go as far back as your site has used Google

analytics. So, if you have existing content, that was published

before you installed this, you’ll have to analyze that content



Now, before you go all delete happy, take a close look at your list of 

less than stellar performing posts. Are any of them still valuable and

relevant? If they are, you might be able to save some of them from the

trash bin.  


What To Look For In Posts You Can Save


  • Evergreen topics

  • Posts on the same topic/series posts

  • Content on topics you covered in more detail in later posts.

You are sure to find, at least, some content that can be saved. There

might be articles that you can update for relevance. Others may just

need some rewrites that will make the information more valuable.


Another important factor to consider is why your content is not



Reasons Your Content Is Not Working


  • All your content revolves around you. Yes, it’s your business, your

    passion, but it’s not about you. When it comes to your content, you

    should be putting the interests of your audience first.

  • Your content is predictable, boring or simply just re-hashed

    information. You should always stick to content writing guidelines,

    but that doesn’t mean it has to be formulaic. Offer your audience an

    element of surprise. 

  • Lacks, a call to action. If you’re not telling your audience what you

    want them to do next, then they’ll move on. This could result in an

    increase in your bounce rate and a decrease in traffic.

  • You’re not marketing properly. Maybe the problem isn’t your

    content. Maybe your stuff is awesome, but if you’re not marketing it

    in a way that drives traffic to your site, then it’s not going to get seen.




It might seem in the online world where content is king, that it’s crazy

to be deleting it. Why delete content that is driving traffic to your site,

right? Well, how do you know if it’s driving traffic and if it’s the right 



Your content is what establishes your authority and builds trust with

your audience. If you have dead content laying around that isn’t

working, it could be doing, more harm than good.


Bottom line, you’re the only one that can determine what content is 

still beneficial to your business and what content, should be deleted. 

It’s important to look at your content with a critical eye in order to

make purposeful decisions. Leave sentimental feelings out of it.


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