By Lori Smith

A successful blogging strategy is more than just marketing the hell

out of your content. The content has to be awesome, and it has to be

specific to your target audience.

But were you aware that awesome targeted content goes beyond

good writing alone?

Great content has everything to do with your niche. If you don’t think

so, I promise it will become much clearer later on in this article.

Time and time again, I see posts in Facebook groups that go a little

something like this.

“How do I get more traffic to my blog? I’m promoting my posts all

over the place. I’m pinning 100 pins a day on Pinterest just like

everyone says you’re supposed to, but I’m still struggling to get

traffic. Can anyone check out my blog and tell me what I need to do

that I’m not already doing?”

Then the replies start pouring in, and they all read about the same.

“Have you tried doing blank on pick a social media platform?”

Not one reply ever ask, have you done a content audit? Have you

taken a good long critical look at your content?

Everyone always concentrates on the marketing side of the equation. 

They all assume the content is good but what if it’s not. What if the

content is the problem.

You can market your blog posts till your fingers bleed, but if your

content is bad, no amount of bloodshed will work.

Having a solid blogging strategy is key to building a strong foundation

for your blog.

A good blogging strategy includes the following.


  • Targeted content within a specific niche.

  • Content that addresses your readers problems and provides solutions.

  • Content that is in alignment with your goals.

  • Well written content, that is formatted for readability.

  • Content that is engaging and entertaining.

  • Content that is keyword optimized.

  • Consistent promotion.

  • Regular content audits.

The common denominator as you can see is content, and the key to a

great strategy is a specific niche.

I have a blogging strategy workbook that walks you through

narrowing down your niche. You can grab your copy below.

In this post, I’m going to explain why having a niche, not niches, is

important. Stay tuned for more post where I’ll go over the other

elements of a blogging strategy.

Why You Need To Niche Down

The best way to help you understand why you need to have a specific

niche is to give you an example.

This is a little different approach, but I think you’re more likely to get

it if I play it out like this.

My Pseudo Blog Example

Say I start a blog, and I have many different interests, as a lot of us do. I

decide to make my blog about all of them because I love many

different things and I can’t pick only one.

Now let’s say the topics are all unrelated. Something, like vegan diets,

parenting, craft beer, costume design, and tiny house living. Not that

I’m interested in any of these but work with me here. 

My ideal audience is stay-at-home moms like me. She’s middle class,

early-thirties, and she’s all about learning how to be the best parent

she can be. I’m in my fifties by the way, and my children are all grown,

but you get the idea.

I have several posts on my blog about all five of the above topics. My

newest post is “How To Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety.”

After I hit publish, I market the pants off it. I pin it, post it, tweet it,

stumble it…….

All this marketing pays off because it drives a bunch of traffic to my

blog. I’m, so excited. I’m doing a happy dance around my office.

Fast forward several days, and I’m laying in bed with the covers over

my head crying my eyes out. My traffic dropped off like a drunk falling

from a bar stool. All I can do is hang my head and ask why through

the tears.

I continue down this road of posting articles on my five different

topics for a few months. The same above scenario plays out every time

I publish and promote a new post. It becomes a real roller coaster ride

of emotions.

Over time I notice my traffic seems to be dwindling even on the days

new post goes up on my blog. This is when anxiety enters stage left.

Six months in and I’m down to 100 page views a month if that. My

days are now filled, with debating whether I should close up shop.

Kind of a bleak story huh? Well, guess what? I’ve seen this, actually

happen with many bloggers. According to this New York Times article,

95% of blogs end up abandoned. That’s a lot of failed blogs.

Why Having Multiple Niches Is Not A Good Strategy

Here’s what happened with my imaginary multi-niche, blog.

Five niches are too many. When they’re all unrelated it’s even worse

and a fail right from the beginning.

How many mommies are also going to be into tiny house living or

costume design? Seriously……

Now, how many costume design enthusiast also have an interest in

craft beer?

I could keep on with each topic, but I think you see where I’m going

with this. Not everyone that visits your site will have an interest in all

the topics you’re writing, about.

Having many different niches means having to build different

audiences for each separate topic.

The demographics of mommies interested in parenting is not going

to be the same as those interested in costume design.

Remember my ideal audience is stay-at-home moms like me.

Hmmm…. Why in the world then am I writing about costume design?

Something I’m sure not very many moms have an interest in.

The traffic you are driving to your site is there to read the article you

promoted on a SPECIFIC topic. They clicked through to your site

because they’re interested in that SPECIFIC subject matter.

They love your post, but when they go looking around for other

content on the same topic, they don’t find it. They find posts on

everything else but the subject they’re interested in.

What do you think happens with this visitor? That’s right, they leave

your site and most likely never return.


The attention span of an average adult is now less than that of a

goldfish. If your readers have to search through several other posts for

the articles they’re interested in they’ll give up and move on.

Trying to build different audiences for multiple niches is next to

impossible. You end up doubling, tripling…., the work you have to do.

Every time you publish a new post on one of your many different

topics you’re in a sense having to start all over building traffic AGAIN 

for, that topic.

You’ll end up building new visitors all the time. Don’t get me wrong,

new visitors are great, but you can’t build a blog with one time visitors.

Over time even the new traffic will decrease.

For a blog to be successful, it needs to have engaged readers who

keep returning. The way to build returning visitors is to have targeted

content within a specific niche.

When your readers like your stuff they will keep coming back. To keep

them coming back, you have to stick within your niche. You need to

keep providing more good stuff about what they’re interested in or

need help with.

Blogging about everything will get you nowhere.

Need help with finding your niche? I have a blogging strategy

workbook that helps you do just that. You can get access to it below.

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