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By: Lori Smith 



I’m taking you behind the scenes and giving you a look into how I set

my business goals and achieve them. But, before we get started I

want to be completely honest here. I don’t always reach all my goals.

And that’s ok.


What’s important is that you set some kind of goals. If you don’t, then

what’s the point? Why work so hard at something if you don’t know

what you’re working for? Having goals gives you and your business



I set new goals for my business each year that are actionable (will

drive my business forward) and attainable (something I can actually



The key, to setting any kind of business goals is having a blueprint to

achieve them. If all you do is set goals without mapping out a plan on

how to reach them, then they’re useless.


stay on track with goals goal setting achieving goals


How I Set My Business Goals


Annual Goals


At the beginning of the year, I will set 2 to 3 goals. Any more than this

is not practical, at least not for me. If I’m going to set goals, I like to be

able to devote the time and effort it takes to achieve those goals. If

you set too many, you will end up spreading yourself too thin and fail.


I like to set a date I want to achieve each goal by. I share this with at

least 1 person. This keeps me accountable.


So, for example, a business goal I might set would be to write an

ebook. This is not something I plan on doing this year, but you get the

idea. I try to set two bigger goals and one smaller goal. I feel this is a

realistic number of goals to move your business forward.


Write Word Studios started out as a goal, and look where I am now.

I’m currently working on designing a new website in WordPress

because my business has grown faster than I expected.


Break Annual Goals Into Smaller Goals


Annual goals are the big picture, but it’s important to break down

your annual goals into more manageable smaller goals. This will, keep

you sane. Trust me. I do this by devising a plan of action for each 



If you don’t divide those big goals into smaller ones, then you could 

end up getting discouraged and give up. And that’s not going to do

you or your business any good.


Break Smaller Goals Down Into Specific Monthly/Weekly Tasks


Next, I plan out what steps I need to take each month to accomplish

the smaller goals. From there I break it down even further into weekly

tasks. These are the things I need to do weekly or daily, in order to

actually meet my monthly, quarterly, and ultimately, my annual goals.


Keep Your Why In Mind


It’s important to set business goals, but if you don’t know what the

end purpose of your goal is, then what’s the purpose of setting it in

the first place.


Say you want to gain 5,000 new email subscribers by a certain date,

why do you want to achieve this?  Any goal I set for myself has some

end purpose. Whether it’s to gain authority in my niche or to help me,

make more money, I always have a why.


Keep Track Of Your Progess


Set up some way to track your progress. Knowing what tasks you’ve

completed and what still needs to be done will keep you on course

for reaching your goals.


I use a separate planner to track my progress. I write out my monthly

goals and then plan out my weekly tasks quarterly. Each day I open it

up alongside my blog planner so I can see everything I need to do

that day. Anything on my task list that I don’t get done, I reschedule

for the next day.


I have enough to keep track of between my normal everyday business

and client work, so I try to keep it simple. I prefer, to physically write

things down. There’s just something about having it on paper that 

works for me, but you could try a task management system like

Centrallo. They have a free version and it it’s easy to use.


Final Thoughts


Setting business goals are about realizing your dreams. But, to get

there, you have to have a plan of action to achieve your goals.

Wandering aimlessly through your business journey with no clear

direction will lead you down a path to Nowheresville. Not a real place.

I made it up….hahaha.


The point is, it’s not too late to start setting some goals for your

business and devising an actionable plan to achieve them. So open

up your notebook or fire up your digital task manager and start

planning away.


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